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Title & Position
Associate Professor of Law;
LLM program Supervisor;
The Deputy Director of International Law Institute, Zhejiang University.
Legislative Expert of P.R.C. Migration Law.
Head of Questioned Documents Identification Office, Zhejiang University Judicial Expertise Center.
Director of China Criminal Investigation Research Society.
Vice President of Criminology Research Society, Zhejiang Province.

Graduated from Southwest Political and Legal University in 1988; LLM.
Residential Visiting Scholar at School of Law, Valparaiso University, USA(Jan. 1991—Feb. 1993).
Associate Prof. of Law, Zhejiang University (July 1988 – Present)

Research Areas 
Science of Judicial Expertise;
International Law of Migration.

Published 11 works:

Scientific Examination of Questioned Documents, Social Science Academic Press, 2017.
Criminalistics and Criminal Investigation, Zhejiang University Press, 2016.
Science of International Migration Law, Zhejiang University Press, 2010.
In the Minds of Murderers, Chinese People Public Security University Press, 2008.
Science of Criminal Investigation, Zhejiang University Press, 2004.
Introduction to American Laws, Fujian Education Press, 2003.
International Migration Laws Theory and Practice, Law press, 2001. … …
Published 112 academic articles:
On Managing Foreign Brides in China, Shantou University Journal, 2017-02.
On the Issues of Syrian Refugees from the Perspective of International Law, Journal of Political Science and Law, 2016-06.
Legal Issues on Immigration by Purchasing Houses in Europe, Journal of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, 2015-03.
Comparative Studies of Community Correction Theory and Practice between Sino-America, Chinese Social Science Digest, 2008-03.
On Protection Exit & Entry Rights of Oversea Chinese by Law, Journal of Zhejiang University, 2009-11.
The International Influence of American Law of Emigration, Journal of Zhejiang University, 2001-8.
Philosophical Influences on Contemporary Chinese Law, Indiana International & Comparative Review, Vol.6 No.2 1996.
The Evaluation and Analysis of American Law of Emigration, Law Review, 1994-05.……
Some of works and articles above are gained Excellent Prizes by the provincial governments.

Science of Criminal Investigation;
International Migration Law;
Introduction to American Laws;
Legal English; ……

1985.9~1988.7, Southwest University of Political Science and Law, LLM Degree.
1988.8~1990.12, Lecturer of Law School, Hangzhou University.
1991.1~1993.3, Visiting Scholar, Law School of Valparaiso University, USA.
1993.3~ Present, Associate Professor of Law, Guanghua School of Law, Zhejiang University.

Office:Room 110, Building 1