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Title & Position
Adjunct Faculty and Researcher
Research Areas
Public International Law;
International Nuclear Law;
Law of Arms Control;
International Organizations
1. Dissertations
(1) “Nuclear nonproliferation under international law: a critical study”, Master’s Dissertation, Submitted to Delhi University, 2004.
(2) “Is NPT still an effective instrument to prevent proliferation of nuclear weapons?”, Dissertation, Submitted to University of Montpellier 1, 2004.
(3) “On Nonproliferation Clause of the NPT and Role of UNSC”, PhD. Dissertation, Submitted to Xiamen University, 2013.
(4) “China’s Peaceful Development and its Contributions to International Law”, Master Thesis submitted to Zhejiang University, 2016.
2. Articles
(1) “Broken Pillars of the NPT: Time to Reconstruct”, Published in Proceedings of Conference on Government, Law and Culture, HK, 2012.
(2) “NPT’s Purpose: Nonproliferation or Exclusive Proliferation?”, Published in Proceedings of Bangkok Conference on Social Science, 2013.
(3) “NPT: An Exclusive Proliferation Treaty”, Accepted for Presentation in the 3rd Conference on “Government, Law and Culture”, Toronto, Canada, and, Published in IJSSH Journal, 2014.
(4) “A Brief Introduction to China’s Anti- Monopoly Law: Lessons for Iran”, International Conference on Management, Economy and Development, Tehran, 2017.
- LL.M., Chinese Law, Zhejiang University, P.R. China, 2014- 2016.
- PhD., International Law, Xiamen University, Xiamen, P.R. China, 2009- 2013.
- LL.M., Comparative Law, University of Delhi, New Delhi, India, 2002-2004.
- University Diploma, International Law, University of Montpellier 1, Montpellier, France, summer, 2004.
- B.A., Law, University of Isfahan, Iran, 1996-2000.