ZHU Xinli
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Title & Position
Professor of Law, PhD supervisor

Vice President of Zhejiang Provincial Higher People's Court
Former Dean of Guanghua Law School

Research Areas 
Administrative Law, Government Regulation, Administrative Procedure, State Compensation Law

·The new definition of administrative abuse of power. Chinese Journal of Law. 1994/3;
·Administrative beyond the terms of reference. Chinese Journal of Law. 1996/3;
·Constructed in the form of the concepts of liability (coauthor). Chinese Journal of Law. 2010/4;
·The basic principles of administrative law. Zhejiang University Press. 1995;
·Administrative Law (coauthor). Tsinghua University Press. 2005;
·Government regulation and legislation of the lottery industry. Zhejiang University Press. 2007;
·State Compensation Law Interpretation of the essence and Case (coauthor). Law Press. 2011/1;
·Administrative Law (coauthor). China Renmin University Press. 2012.

1982-1986 Study in Department of Law, Hangzhou University (Received L.L.B., L.L.M., and PhD of Law)
1994-1995 Visiting Scholar, Valparaiso University, the United States
2004 Senior Visiting Scholar, Université D' Aix-Marseille III, France
2006.03-2007.03 Vice Dean, Chu KoChen Honors College in Zhejiang University
2006.08-2009.08 Vice District Mayor, Longwan District, Wenzhou
2008.07-2010.07 Vice Dean of Humanities & Social Sciences of Zhejiang Unversity

Email: zhuxinli007@126.com

Office: Room 318, Building 1