Legal Clinics

Legal Clinics at Guanghua Law School provide students hands-on legal experience under the supervision of experienced faulty and licensed lawyers who are not only great practitioners but also trained in individually educating and mentoring students. With clinical placements through Legal Clinics on campus and Clinics at Communities with plenty of opportunities at law offices, NGOs, community service spots across the Hangzhou city, in more than 10 areas of the law, in both public and private sectors, and the opportunity for students to create their own independent commitment and placement, we offer programs and opportunities as a leading law school in China.

Students typically provide assistance with research, drafting legal arguments, and meeting with clients. In some cases, one of the clinic’s professors will show up for oral argument before the court. We also highly encourage law students to provide legal advice to indigent people and shoulder more personal and social responsibilities in and out of law school. Our contributions and stories have reported by many social medias. In 2020, our legal clinics won the honorary reward as one of National Best Legal Clinic Programs in China.