Student Cultivation

Consisting the motto ‘Take it as it is, but stand by goodness; understand laws, but seek justice always’, undergraduate education contributes both to the law skills and the spirit of being justice. Undergraduate education aims at cultivating high-quality law talents who have international perspective and a sense of social responsibility. Postgraduate education contributes to cultivating compound, vocational and innovative law talents. We stress on comprehensive learning with other subjects. By expanding the fields of their learning and selecting classes on their own, postgraduates are trained on scientific research skills and innovation skills. Doctoral education includes nine fields on the basis of first level subject.

Under above awareness, we hold high-level international academic forum and invite well-known professors to come to visit our school. We aim at expanding students’ international interaction and the internationalization of law education. We are exploring and realizing a new pattern of cooperated cultivation with famous law schools especially in Europe, North America and East Asia. Frequent international interactions are now carrying on. We keep partnership with more than 20 famous law schools ,such as Harvard University, New York University, Cornell University, Chicago University, Heidelberg University, Keele University, Utrecht University, Catholic University of Leuven, Kobe University, Ritsumeikan University, National University of Singapore, Yonsei University. Legal exchange is also frequent between china mainland and Taiwan. We keep good relationships with National Chengchi University and National Taiwan University.