Major Research Projects in Progress


The Project on the Law of the Sea

The project on the law of the sea aims at meeting the significant strategic needs of marine development in China. It focuses on the cutting edge of international maritime rule of law and combines different approaches to inter-disciplinary research. Ranging from the maritime development, the utilization and management of the maritime resources to the maritime environmental protection, the project is devoted to such related legal issues in an all-around manner. It is also devoted to the innovation in various fields, such as theoretical innovation in maritime legal institutions, maritime policies, modes of maritime rule of law, service and administration, legal protection and so on. Inter-disciplinary research between law and science, engineering, humanities and other social sciences is especially encouraged. With the development of economy and society in China, a number of major legal issues that are related to the sea have been emerging. The project will take an active part in settling the related problems above, formulating international maritime rules and standards, and presenting top-ranking achievements in the research of international maritime rule of law.


The Project on the Inter-disciplinary Study of Law and Other Disciplines

The project is based on the current national conditions, characteristics and needs of China, which is realizing its modernization drive as well as experiencing great social and economic transition. The project tries to create an inter-disciplinary system of research and education that will undoubtedly benefit law students. It also seeks to integrate the achievements in law and other disciplines, such as economics, sociology, management and related science and engineering subjects, so as to establish a world-class platform for inter-disciplinary studies. For instance, law and economics applies both theories and approaches of economics to the analysis of legal institutions comprehensively and tries to account for the formulation, existence, operation and economic impacts of law.


The Project on the Law of Climate

    The project, along with law majors’ sense of responsibility, tries to cope with the climatic environmental problems and focus on legal issues related to technology transfer in the fields such as climate, environment and energy. Through the innovation in system and mechanism, integration of academic resources home and abroad, and organization of a top-ranking research team, this cutting-edge project aims to help implement the national strategies and add to the welfare of next generations. It is dedicated to sustainable development, environmental protection and technology transfer. The project is characteristic of the study on environmental rights, relationship between the central government and local governments, environmental regulation and supervision, and public participation in environmental decision-making. As a consequence, a research platform and a policy think bank, both of which are world-class and equipped with a global horizon, will be established so as to provide for the further study of environment, climate change and technology transfer.


The Project on Longquan Judicial Files

In 2007, 17,333 volumes of judicial files, which had been accumulated by the Longquan local court during the period of Republic of China and previously kept in Longquan Archive in Zhejiang Province, were discovered. Consequently, these precious original files have significantly promoted the progress of related research. Longquan Judicial Files, from 1858 to 1949, are so far recognized as the most complete local judicial files with the maximum quantity ever. The research team is made up of a number of experts in various related disciplines. With the help of the files, the team will study the transformation from the traditional Chinese judiciary to the modern one, including legal institutions, legal procedures, legal philosophy, legal practice and relation between law and social development. Furthermore, the project will also pay attention to the local economy, people’s livelihood, politics, military affairs, religions, marriage and dispute settlement in South Zhejiang Province in modern times.