Rules of Stacks & Reading Room

1. Literature resources in the reading room of ZhejiangUniversity library of Law are mainly provided indoor-reading for teachers and students with valid credentials.

2. Readers should put back the books after reading or put them on the book carrier in order that our staff can put them back. Please don’t leave around books.

3. Readers should keep a good atmosphere for reading and learning in the reading room and maintain the interior quiet and clean consciously. Please don’t disturb others with communications tools. Eating Food is not allowed in the library.

4. Readers should take care of books and other facilities. The computers in the reading room cannot be used for other purposes except for searching books, browsing the homepage of the library and searching databases. Our staff has the right to stop all uncivilized behavior and deal with the behavior caused loss or damage complies with the relevant rules of schools and libraries.

5. Readers should inform staff in advance if the books are broken or missing page when borrowing them. Otherwise we will deal with the situation according to the relevant regulations.

6. Staff may provide consultation when readers encounter difficulties.

7. Occupying a seat in the reading room is not a civilized act. Please leave a note with leaving time in the seat when away from desk (usually not more than 20 minutes). Without leaving a note or exceed the fixed time will be regarded as occupying a seat and others can use it. Staff may mediate the issue due to a seat. 


Rules for Using Computer & Network

1. Readers use the Internet in the library should abide the “PRC Computer Information Network and the Internet Interim Provisions" consciously and respect for online ethics. Don’t use computer hacking, port scanning, etc. Browsing or downloading pornographic, reactionary and defamatory reports/pictures is strictly prohibited. Release harmful or bad information like undermine the state and school or contrary to the Four Cardinal Principles is also strictly prohibited.

2. The library's network and computer is mainly used for study and research. Don’t utilize it for entertainment, chat, movie-download or stocks, etc.

3. Please comply with the relevant provisions of the school regulating the use of databases. Downloading introduced databases of library and the data of self-built database in bulk, continuously, systematically and centrally with any automatic download software or Intelligent Robot is strictly prohibited in order that the computers can operate normally. Don’t download the whole text of electronic books.

4. Computers throughout the library are provided for varied functions. Readers should use them under the provision. Don’t remove any interface on the computer or damage the external equipment. Replacing or moving the power plug or the computer monitor, host, etc. without permission is even more not permitted. Readers are not allowed to copy/add/delete the computer program and software or modify the machine configuration.

5. Readers should exit the database after using it in order to ensure others can use it normally.

6. Readers would be criticized or punished according to relevant regulations if violating the rule. Readers do improper operation caused the computer damaged should compensate in accordance with relevant regulations.  


Rules for Using Electronic Reading Room

1. The library’s electronic reading room is only open to readers who hold the campus card or library card. Don’t use someone else’s card. Readers will be given a position on machine with the order of entering the room. Please keep the reading room tidy and quiet. Don’t bring rain gear or food into the room. Don’t make loud noise and use mobile phones, PHS, and other communication tools.

2. Please abide the library “Computer/Internet Usage Rules” and relevant provisions consciously. Readers should install their own software, CD, etc. after permission. In principle, readers shouldn’t use software or CDs except for learning.

3. Each computer can be used by one person at the same time. Readers should use the specified computer according to the staff instruction and comply with the operating rules and regulation strictly. When encountering unusual circumstances, readers should immediately contact with the management. Don’t disassemble the computer without permission.

4. The cost of using the electronic reading room is calculated in minute. The reference price: 0.5yuan / hour (the computer can access the campus network only); 1.0yuan / hour (the computer can access the domestic web site); 1.5yuan / hour (the computer can access the domestic and abroad web site).

5. Don’t smoke or use electricity illegally. Take good care of public property. Don’t spit or discard scraps of paper, shell, etc all around. Don’t take the equipment of the reading room, tables and chairs, disc, headphones and other public property outdoors.

6. Staff could prevent uncivilized behavior and terminate the right of using electronic reading room when readers violate regulations and ignore advice. They can also deal with
behaviors caused loss or damage in accordance with relevant regulations.


Rules of Safety & Fireproof

1. We formulate the regulation in order to make the library fire safety objective and responsibility practicable and get off work for fire prevention on the ground so that the entire staff and readers can maintain good awareness of fire prevention.

2. Installation of distribution boards, using various heating devices (such as iron, hair dryer, etc.) or using all the equipment may cause fire in stacks is strictly prohibited.

3. Prohibiting the use of tungsten lighting. Incandescent lighting should be away from combustible material not less than 50cm.

4. Prohibiting the use of fire for lighting, heating, etc. Don’t smoke in the stacks.

5. Smoking books to kill mosquitoes should be under the guidance of relevant personnel and take absolutely safe and reliable measures.

6. Library staff should always check the hidden circs of fire so that can report the circumstance and take active rectification timely. Taking good care of fire protection facilities and equipment and should handle the fire extinguisher.

7. Staff should turn off the lights and cut off all the power supply when leaving the work site. All the computers (except the server), speakers, drinking fountains, etc. should be turn off and the power supply should be cut off.

8. All the responsible person who violate the fire safety regulations of our school and library will be seriously punished in accordance with the relevant provisions of the school.

9. People should compensate the loss they caused according to relevant provisions. If the behavior constitutes a crime, the relevant department of the state will hold criminal responsibility.   

10. Matters not covered should be treated according to the relevant fire safety regulations of Zhijiang Campus.