Title & Position
Associate Professor (PhD Supervisor)

1999.9-2003.7, LL.B., Tsinghua University
2003.9-2006.7, LL.M. in International Law, Tsinghua University
2006.10-2009.7, LL.D. in International Relations, Kyushu University, Japan
2009.10-2010.8, Foreign Law Researcher, Soga Itoga Law Firm, Tokyo, Japan
2014.9-2015.8, Visiting Scholar, Waseda University, Japan

Research Areas
International Economic Law (Trade and Competition, Regional Economic Integration, etc.)

1. Academic Papers (English)
(1)Beat or Join? The Challenges of China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank to the US and Japan, China and WTO Review(2016), vol.2
(2) Delayed Leniency Applications: The Unfortunate But Predictable Outcome of the Flexible Leniency Policies Under the Chinese Antimonopoly Law, in Fenwick, Mark, Wrbka, Stefan (Eds.) , Flexibility in Modern Business Law: A Comparative Assessment, Springer Publishing (2016).2/2   
(3) Rising Mega RTA? China-Japan-Korea FTA under the New Trade Dynamism, Journal of East Asia and International Law(2015), vol.8(2)
(4)Could Predatory Pricing Rules Substitute for Antidumping Laws in the Proposed China–Japan–Korea Free Trade Agreement?, Social Science Japan Journal(2015), vol.18,1/2
(5)Is Dumping Still Harmful? New Thinking on Antidumping in the Global Free Trade, Journal of East Asia and International Law(2013),vol.6(1)
(6) The Interaction of Trade and Competition Policy in the Globalization Process -- A Survey of “Consumer Interest” in Chinese Antidumping Context, The Journal of World Investment& Trade (2011), vol.12
(7) The Application of a ‘Market Share’ Test to Antidumping Cases in China--Seeking a New Development Model via the Interaction of Trade and Competition, Manchester Journal of International Economic Law(2011), vol.8
(8) Substituting Antidumping Law with Competition Law: The better option in avoiding Protectionist Abuse, Hosei Kenkyu[Japan] (2009) vol.76(3)
2. Books
(1) The Harmonization of Competition and Antidumping Rules in China-Japan-Korea FTA, Law Press China, 2016.
(2) Dumping: Antidumping Law or Competition Law, Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Press, 2011 [English]

International Economic Law
Rule of Law in East Asia and Issues of China
International Dispute Settlement etc.

“Qiushi” Young Scholar of Zhejiang University
Editorial board member of China and WTO Review

Office:Room 201, Building 1