Logo & Motto
Introduction to the Logo of Guanghua Law School
An eagle and a shield made up of books constitute the overall image of the school logo. The word “JUS”, which means justice, law and right in Latin, is located in the middle of the logo. The colors of red, black and white add to the profound meanings of it. Therein, the color of red, as the symbol of success, represents the vigor of the legal profession. The color of black, as the symbol of justice and authority, stands for legal intellectuality and accurate judgment.
The eagle, whose wings stretch powerfully to the upper corners of the shield, stands for the motto of Zhejiang University, “treat it as it is and be innovative”. The logo has not only carried on the major features of the logo of Zhejiang University, but also filled it with unprecedented vitality in the age of innovation.
Introduction to the Motto of Guanghua Law School

 “Take it as it is, but stand by goodness; understand laws, but seek justice always.” The motto is simple and brief, but has embraced the pursuits and dreams of both the faculty and the students of Guanghua Law School.

The motto of Zhejiang University, “take it as it is” (pronounced qiushi in Chinese), has long been known. Since the establishment of Qiushi College, predecessor of Zhejiang University, it has been widely advocated that we should be practical, dedicate to studying and always tell right from wrong. With the advancement of times, the motto “take it as it is” has been constantly developing. In various disciplines, “take it as it is” has been recognized as an approach to science studies. When applied to the field of social science, it is exactly referred to as the approach of positivism. When applied to the science of law, it can be further divided into normal positivism and social positivism.

The expression of “stand by goodness” originates from the Book of Changes, or Zhouyi. The Book of Changes, it indicates that “gentlemen should stand by goodness”. Citizens in the new era should be equipped with morals and keep pace with the development of socialism. To the legal profession, to stand by goodness suggests that we should acquire professional ethics in accordance with professional legal skills. We, members of the legal profession, shall strive for human rights and justice, promote rule of law, and contribute to the establishment of a law ruling state.

It is the legalists in the Pre Qin Dynasty that had first come up with the idea of “understand law”. With time going by, the idea has profonded. The interpretation of the idea of “understand laws” includes three aspects. Firstly, we should be familiar with existing statutes and be expert at legal skills. Secondly, we should have a profound understanding of the spirits of law and grasp the principles of it. Thirdly, we should not only believe in, but also advocate and promote the rule of law.

The idea of “seek justice” is composed of two levels of meanings. In the first place, law students and lawyers, should assume our social responsibilities. Moreover, we must establish the idea of working hard for justice.
All in all, the idea of “treat it as it is” is both an approach and an attitude to scientific research, which is also a symbol of the spirit of science. The idea of “stand by goodness” refers to the ethical goal as well as the pursuit of values, and manifests the spirit of humanity. The idea of “understand law” represents the nature of the legal profession and legal skills, which are exactly what law students stand upon. The idea of “seek justice” stands for the ethical goal and professional responsibility, including law students’ aspiration for a country with rule of law.