JIN Chengdong
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Title & Position
Associate Professor, Part-time Lawyer

Second Prize of “Young and Outstanding Thesis Award” in the fourth China International Economic Law Association”
Young Scholar of Zhejiang University
Editorial board member of China and WTO Review

Research Areas 
Administrative Law, Administrative Procedure Law, Legal Study on E-government

1. Academic Papers
(1) On the Operational Theory of the Administrative File Exclusive Principle: Security Mechanism of Proper Administrative Procedure, Journal of Zhejiang University(Humanities and Social Sciences(2008), vol.38(4)
(2) File Exclusive Principle and Visible Function of Procedure, Administrative Law Review(2007), vol.3
(3) Problems and Reform of Administrative Law of the Private Sector, Journal of Zhejiang University(Humanities and Social Sciences(2006), vol.36(4)
(4) 论申辩不利禁止变更 ,Tribune of Political Science and Law(Journal of China University of Political Science and Law)(2005), vol.23(5)
(5) The Right of Suggestion for Reviewing an Unconstitutional Regulation, Hu Jianmiao, Jin Chengdong, Jurist Review(2005), vol.2
(6) Legal Reservation Principle, Zhejiang Social Science(2002), vol.1
(7) From Hearing Record to Administrative File—— Visibly Procedural Truth, Jurisprudence Daily(2005), Feb.24
(8) E-government Law—— Content, Borders and Characteristics of Department Law, E-government(2009), vol.7

2. Books
(1)Economic Administrative Law—— From Private Sector aspect, Law Press China, 2005
(2)Public Law Principle, Zhejiang University Press, 2005
(3)Review on Foreign cases and Judicial Regulations on Constitution, Peking University Press,2004

3. Research Projects
Holding Research on Administrative File Exclusive Principle, Projects of the National Social Science Foundation of China, 2008.6-2010.9

Holding Research on Compartment of JiangSu, Zhejiang, Shanghai Local Legislative——Compartment of Local legislative Regulating the Administrative Right, Zhejiang Province Social Science Key Project

Comparative Administrative Law

(1)1998, Achieved Master Degree of Administrative Law in Zhejiang University
(2)2006, Achieved Doctor Degree of Constitution and Administrative Law in Zhejiang University
(3) 2006-2009, Engaged in Post Doctor Research in Chinese Academy of Social Science
(4) 2011-2013,Visiting Scholar in Law College of University of Iowa, U.S.A
(5)July 2014,Attended the XIXth International Congress of Comparative Law in Vienna, Austria


E-mail: jcdong@zju.edu.cn

Office: Room 222, Building 1