Zheng Lei
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Zhejiang University, Guanghua Law School
Ph.D., Law, 2007
LL.M., 2005
B.A., Law, 2002

Academic and Teaching Experience:
Zhejiang University, Guanghua Law School
Director of the Institute of Public Law and Comparative Law, ZJU, March 2011 - present
Zhijiang Youth Scholars of Social Science, Zhejiang Province, June 2011 - present
Associate Professor, Jan. 2010 - present
Assistant Professor, Sept. 2009 - Dec. 2009
Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Rechtswissenschaftlichen Fakultät
Visiting Scholar, Jan. 2012 - Dec.2012.
Renming University of China, Law School
Assistant Professor, and Postdoctorial Researcher, Sept. 2007 - Sept. 2009.

Zheng Lei, Threshold Doctrines of Constitutional Review, Law Press, 2009.
Han Dayuan, Lin Laifan, Zheng Lei eds., Fundamental Categories and Methods of China Constitution Studies, Law Press, 2010.

Journal Articles
1.“Comprehensiveness of Theory of Normative Constitution”, Zhejiang Academic Journal, Vol.2, 2009.
2.“How do Values Come into Norms: the Basic Position of Constitutional Study”, The Journal of Jiangsu Administration Institute, Vol.4, 2008.
3."On Binding Legal Interpretation Harmony with Constitution at the Institutional Angle", Zhejiang Social Sciences, Vol. 1, 2010.
4."Which Era are we Live in: Fundamental Differences between the Theory of Normative Constitution and Theory of Political Constitution", Journal of Suzhou University(Philosopy and social science), Vol. 3, 2011.
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1.The Chinese Version: Zheng Lei trans., “Economic Analysis and the Design of Constitutional Courts”, in Comparative Constitutional Law: Constitutional Text and Constitutional Interpretation (Han Dayuan ed. ), Renming University of China Press, 2008.
Its original version: Tom Ginsburg, “Economic Analysis and the Design of Constitutional Courts”, 3 Theoretical Inq. L. 49 (2002).
2.The Chinese Version: Zheng Lei trans., “Property as a Fundamental Constitutional right? The German Example”, in Public Law Study, Vol.5 (Hu Jianmiao ed. ), Zhejiang University Press, 2008.
Its original version: Gregory S. Alexander, “Property as a Fundamental Constitutional right? The German Example”, 88 Cornell Law Review 733 (2003).

Acedemic Project Experience:
As an Organizer
June 2010 - present
“The Supervision Mechanism of NPC Standing Committee”,
a project funded by Natural Social Science Foundation of China (NSSFC, 2010; Num: 10CFX005)

June 2011 - present
"On Methodological Innovation of Legal Research: from the Perspective of The Distinctness of Constitutional Methodology",
a project funded by China Law Society. (Num: CLS(2011)C07)

As a Primary Participant
Sept. 2007 - Oct. 2010
“The History of Chinese Constituional Theory” [a project funded by NSSFC, 2007. (Num: 07BFX071, Organizer: Prof. Han Dayuan)]
Sept. 2005 - Nov. 2009
“The Doctines and Technique of Constitutional Review”, [a project funded by NSSFC, 2005. (Num: 05BFX012, Organizer: Lin Laifan)]

Awards and Scholarships:
Sept. 2012
The Third Prize of the 4th "Excellent Achievement of Social Science", Organized by Social Science Association of Zhejiang Province

Sept. 2011
The Third Prize of the 4th "Excellent Achievement on Social Society Research", Organized by Social Science Association of Zhejiang Province

Jan. 2011
The Second Prize of the 6th "Excellent Achievement in Young Scholar", Organized by Social Science Association of Zhejiang Province

Aug. 2010
The Third Prize of the 6th “Excellence Production Prize of National Young Constitutional Scholars” (First Prize vacant)

Sept. 2008
The Special Prize of the 1st “China Postdoctoral Science Foundation”
About only 3 winner within national legal scholars

Dec. 2007
The First Prize of the 44th “China Postdoctoral Science Foundation”
[The only winner in Renming University of China(RUC) in that time]