He, Huaiwen
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Professor of Law, Supervisor for Postgraduate and PhD students


Research Field: Intellectual Property Lawsincluding Patent Law, Copyright Law, Trademark Law and Anti-Unfair Competition Law.



1. Bachelor of Medicine, Southwest Medical University

2. Juristic Master, Peking University Law School

3. PhD in Law, Peking University Law School

4. LL.M with Specialty in Intellectual Property Laws, The George Washington University Law School

5. Visiting Scholar Experience: Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law; Harvard Law School; University of Chicago Law School; Washington University Law School



July 2010-present   Zhejiang University Guanghua Law School



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1. Huaiwen He, On Deciding Copyright Infringement (Beijing City: Intellectual Property Press2012).

2. Huaiwen HeChinese Trademark Law: Legal Principles and Case Discussions (Hangzhou City: Zhejiang University Press2015).

3. Huaiwen He & Guowei Liu (trans.)  Concise European Patent Law (Beijing City: The Commercial Press2015).

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1. Project Sponsored by National Social Science Fund: Chinese Copyright Law: Case Summary and Normative Analysis. Project No.:15FFX008

2. Young Talent Program of Social Science of Zhejiang Province: Economic analysis and International Comparison of Patent Coownership. Project No.:  3ZJQN092YB



1.     Qiushi Youth Scholar

2.     Zhijiang Youth Scholar



1. Lawyer, Zhejiang Zeda Law Firm

2. Member of Council, China IP Law Society

3. Member of Advisory BoardThe Beijing Base of Chinese Supreme Court's Project for IPR Guiding Cases

4. Member of Council, Intellectual Property Society of Zhejiang Province

5. Editorial Board Member, Journal of China Patent &Trademark


Email: zjuhhw@zju.edu.cn

Office: Room 213, Building 1, Zhijiang Campus