Minjie Hu
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Research Interests:
Administrative Law, Social Welfare Law, Regulatory Law, Constitutional law
Education and Work Experience
Education Experience
Ph.D. of Law (Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Province, 2003-2006)
Master of Law (Hohai University, Jiangsu Province, 2000-2003)
Bachelor of Education 
 (China University of Mining & Technology, 1996-2000,Jiangsu Province)
Work Experience
2016, Professor, GuangHua Law School of Nanjing University
2015, Professor, Law School of Nanjing University
2008-2014, Associate Professor, Law School of Nanjing University
2012-2013, Visiting Scholar, Washington Law College of American University
2007-2011, Associate Dean of China Case-Study Center of Nanjing University
Main Achievements
(I) Journal Publications 
Leading Journals
1. Public Law’s Accountability in Government Purchasing Contract, 4 Chinese Law Journal, (2016)
2. Contracts as a Governance Tool: How to Decide its Scope? 1 Chinese Administration(2015)
3. The Rise of Welfare Administration in Chinese Law, 2 Chinese Law Journal, (2013)
4. The Path of Realizing the Welfare Rights in the Reform Stage: Constitutional Laws Theory and Practice, 6 Chinese law Journal (2008) 
Other Journals
1. Hu Minjie & Song Hualin, Some Discuss on Welfare Rights in American Law, 3 Journal of Politics and Law(2004)
2. Fulfill Administrative Task by Civil Law’ Means: On a Welfare Privatization Case, 6 Politics and Law Forum (2005)
3. Franchise as the Tool of Regulation, 5 College Journal of National School in administration(2006)
4. On the Justifiability of Social Rights, 5 Journal of Legal Science (2006)
5. Constitutional Norms, Judicial Review and the Protection of Welfare Rights, 6 Journal of China Law and Foreign Law (2007)
6. On the Hearing in American Social Security System, 2 Journal of Administrative Law Study(2007)
7. Administrative Investigation and Protection of Rights in Welfare Administration, 2 Journal of Contemporary Law Review(2008) 
8. Administrative Interpretation in Specialized Administration: A Example of Worker Compensation, 6 Journal of Expert in Law(2009)
9. How to Use the Method of Case-study in Administrative Law, 1 Journal of Contemporary Law Review(2010) 
10. Discretion and Rule in Social Welfare, 2 Zhejiang Academic Journal(2011)
11. Private Parties in the Duty fulfillment of Social Welfare Administration: A Case-Study of Pension System, 2 Journal of East China University of Political Science
and Law(2011)
12. Healthcare Voucher and Government Regulation, 3 Journal of China National School of Administration(2011)
13. Policy Statements in American Administrative Law, 2 Studies on Administrative Law(2013)
14. New trend of Modern Chinese Administrative Law and Cooperative Administration, 2 Studies on Administrative Law(2012)
15. The Nature of Health-Care Rights in Comparative Law, 4 Zhejiang Academic Journal(2013)
16. Does the Theory of Regulation adequately explain social policy? 3 Tsinghua University’s Law Review (2016)
(II) Books
Study on Welfare Rights, Law Press (2008)
Social Duties:
Part-time Editor, Editorial Board of Regulation Study
Research Fellow of Shanghai Institute of Finance and Law
Research Fellow of Comparative Administrative Law Institute for Ren Min University of China
Committee Member of Regulatory law Committee for Administrative Law Studies Institute of China Law Society