Colloquium on the Theory and Practice of the Rule of Law Was Successfully Held in Hangzhou
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On May 17, 2019, The Colloquium on the Theory and Practice of the Rule of Law was held in Zhejiang University in Hangzhou by The Research Center for the development of Local Governance and Rule of Law in China. Consequently numerous Scholars from major universities and departments attended to this meeting.

The opening ceremony of the annual conference was presided over by Mr. Ye Zhusheng of south China University of Technology. And Mr. Ge Hongyi from Guanghua Law School warmly welcomed all participants and expressed his gratitude to them for attending to this colloquium.  

The meeting covered four themes which focused on different issues. First concerning each theme, scholars were allowed to give their reports and share their vision on those key questions. Afterwards, all the participants discussed and debated about those issues. Finally at the end, the participants were invited to review and conclude about the issues discussed before.

Effectively, the first section was a discussion about the theory and practice of the local law. Thus Dr. Yan Wenjun stated his opinions on the normative problem of the local law from the perspective of negotiation. Dr. Zhao Jianxu discussed the issue from Weber perspective. And Dr. Zhang Maoyue explored the impact of the internal system of the state organs on the operation of the legal system.

Subsequently, the second section covered the related issues of institutional practice, combining with the theory of legislation. Thereupon Mr. Huang Zhen applied economic analysis methods to the rationality of the working system (996 working system). Later Mr. Han Yebin discussed on the issue of constructing new political and business relations. And Dr. Lin Licheng explored the legislative predicament about the holidays in equity consideration perspective.

After in the third section, Dr. Yin Wuyou declared his view about the substantive rule of law, then Dr. Qiu Xiang explained his understanding of the basic nature of legal philosophy with Hart's theory. And Mr. Zhang Shun explored the human basis of legal governance from the perspective of natural emotion. Scholars present had a passionate discussion on the concept of "rule of law" from different dimensions.

The Last section focused on the principle of justice. Indeed Mr. Ye Zhusheng analyzed the professional ethic risks in judicial practice with "Murphy's Law" of Chinese justice. Later Dr. Jiang Qiuwei discussed the state justice of political freedom based on Montesquieu’s theory. And Mr. Zhang Fan stated his ideas about judicial practice by analyzing the debate between Dworkin and Rorty.

To conclude during this colloquium, there were both positive and negative arguments, empirical tests and theoretical deduction. In the fierce collision of ideas, everyone had a more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the theoretical issues in the keynote speech.

Finally the colloquium ended with awarding scholars who performed actively in the discussion. With the support of all attendees, the colloquium had achieved a great success.

Ms. Cai Lixuan and,

Mr. HA Charles

 Zhejiang University Guanghua Law School

May 23, 2019