The 10th International Colloquium on the New Haven School Was Held Successful in Hangzhou
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On May 31, 2019, the 10th International Colloquium on the New Haven School was held by Institute of International Strategies and Law of Zhejiang University, co-organized with Zhejiang University Guanghua Law School, Yale Law School, Tulane University Law School and Legal Department of China Council for the Promotion of International Tradein Hangzhou. About 160 scholars at home and abroad, together with judges, diplomat and lawyers attended to this two-day meeting.

Prof. Wang Chao, Vice Dean of The Institute of International Strategies and Law of Zhejiang University hosted the colloquium. At the opening, The Institute of International Strategies and Law of Zhejiang University signed an agreement with Legal Department of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade for further cooperation in talent training, theoretical practices and so on.

At the colloquium, Prof. Michael Reisman from Yale University first delivered a video speech on the function of soft law in international law system. Following, Prof. Wang Guiguo from Zhejiang University expressed his opinions on global governance and the Belt and Road Inititaive project. In addition, Mr. Mian Saqib Nisar, Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan stated his ideas about the cooperation between China and Pakistan under the Belt and Road Initiative. Moreover, Mr. Manickham Supperamaniam, Former Malaysian Ambassador to WTO, analyzed the cooperation between China and ASEAN from economic perspective. Afterwards, Prof. Zeng Huaqun from Xiamen University Law School, Prof. Zhang Naigen from Fudan University and Prof. Adeno Addis from Tulane University Law School also delivered speeches about diverse problematic and questions. Indeed, Prof. Zheng Huaqun discussed abouth the history of China's foreign cooperation and pointed out that the "One Belt And One Road" initiative embodies the essence of Chinese Confucianism. Further, Prof. Zhang Naigen presented the five new principles of international law: lasting peace, universal security, common prosperity, coexistence of different cultures and sustainable development. Finally Prof. Adeno Addis examines statelessness problematic, and pointed the necessity for the international community to focus more on this problematic.

In the later part, distinguished guests and participants are invited to discuss on many issues and problematic. Thus Prof. Julien Chaisse from Faculty of Law of The Chinese University of Hong Kong applied the New Haven analysis method and treaty interpretation method to the proportional principle in the settlement of investment dispute mechanism. Moreover, Prof. Shi Jingxia, Dean of Law School of University of International Business and Economics analyzed the calculation principle and specific practice in international investment arbitration. Furthermore, Prof. Tomoko Ishikawa from Nagoya University stated his opinions on the background and reasons behind the policy taken by Japan to restrict the investigation of foreign direct investment. Afterwards, James Bulliung Letten from US Butler SnowLaw Firm introduced Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the development in anti-corruption laws in major countries around the world. Finally, Associated Prof. Zhu Ying from People's University of China, Mr. Rajesh Sharma, Senior Lecturer of Department of Justice and Legal Studies in Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Prof. Chiara Giorgetti from University of Richmond and Prof. Chen Yundong from NPC Standing Committee of Yunnan Province altogether discussed deeply about the international disputes issues.  

In the final part of the colloquium, scholars are invited to discuss about the cyberspace/cyber-security. Thus they stated their opinions on cyberspace/cyber-security and had a discussion on the law exchanges at home and abroad. Experts and scholars from seven countries also had a heated discussion on China-US trade and international order.  

The closing ceremony was presided over Prof. Wang Guiguo, senior professor of liberal arts and dean of the international institute of strategy and law of Zhejiang University. Professor Wang summarized the achievements of the conference, thanked all the guests for their support and the hard work of the staff.  At the end he expressed his wishes to meet all the participants again in new haven next year. Thereupon the meeting was successfully completed.

 Ms. CaiLixuan and,

 Mr. HA Charles

  Zhejiang University Guanghua Law School

 June 10, 2019