Prominent Forum on Rule of Law and Reform (2020) Held in Hangzhou
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On November 14, the high level forum on the rule of law and reformas well as the forum on law education in the digital era (2020) was held in Hangzhou. The forum was guided by the China Law Society, conducted by Zhejiang University and jointly held by the National "2011 Plan "Judicial Civilization Collaborative Innovation Center, Guanghua Law School of Zhejiang University , Social Sciences Institution of Zhejiang University . The theme of this forum was "Construction of legal System and Modernization of National Governance ".

(Professor Wang Guiguo in Zhejiang University)

The honorable guests who presented at the opening ceremony and delivered a speech were Ye Min, Deputy of the Party Committee of Zhejiang UniversityYang Zongke, President of Northwest University of Political Science and Law and Director of the Academic Council as well as Honorary President of Guanghua Law School of Zhejiang University,Zhang Wenxian.The meeting was hosted by Professor Wang Guiguo of Zhejiang University.

(Ye Min, Deputy of the Party Committee of Zhejiang University)

Ye Min introduced the achievements of Zhejiang University in the construction of first-class law school and affirmed the accomplishment of Guanghua Law School in the innovation of some aspects such as elites attractionacademic research and high-quality education. He also promoted new expectation in the In the construction of digital law typical subject, in respond to the wild application of network, digital skills and Intelligent technology.

(Yang Zongke, President of Northwest University of Political Science and Law)

Professor Yang Zongke concluded the development of the high level forum on the rule of law and reform, affirming the great international influence of the forum in reform regulations, problems and direction in the future.Simultaneously,he reviewed the cooperation between Northwest University of political Science and Law and Zhejiang University in promoting the study of Fengqiao Experience, pointing out that the in-depth communication between the two colleges made great contributions to forming the theory of Fengqiao Experience.

(Professor Zhang Wenxian of Zhejiang University)

Based on the design on the Fifth Plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, Professor Zhang Wenxian suggested taking the construction of law system in China into the evaluation of Modernization of National Governance and arose higher expectation in legal research, law education and elites cultivation.

In order to further improve the socialist legal system, promote the innovation of law education in the digital era and fuse law education with digital technology, Zhejiang University held this forum on the basis of five times held in the past.This forum is regarded as high-lever, opining and international meeting which is held every year.Deeply communicating on the elites cultivation, legal system construction and development of National governance system and so on, this forum do help to the theoretical support for the legal system construction in the future.

Written by:Xia Yuxing

Translated by:Xv Lin

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