The Third International Youth Forum on the Belt and Road Held in Jiangsu
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Jointly sponsored by the Institute of International Strategy and Law of Zhejiang University, Guanghua Law School, the National School of judges of the Supreme people's Court and the International Institute (Hong Kong) of “The Belt and Road” , the third International Youth Forum on the Belt and Roadhosted by the Suzhou Intermediate people's Court was held in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province in China from Dec. 28 to 30, 2019. Representatives from 39 countries and regions gave a speech on "Belt and Road" and discussed six major issues in depth.

The honorable guests presented at the forum are as follow: Shen Deyong, member of Central Committee and Director of Social and Legal Committee of the CPPCC National Committee; Lan Shaomin, member of Jiangsu Province Committee and Secretary of Suzhou Municipal Committee; Lv Zhongmei, Deputy of Social and Legal Committee of the CPPCC National Committee; Hu Yunteng, the former Full-time member of the Supreme People's Court; Zhou Jiye, President of Jiangsu Law Society; Xia Daohu, President of the Higher People's Court of Jiangsu Province; Yv Xingnan and Xv Meijian, members of Suzhou Municipal Committee; Jiang Huiling, Vice-President of National Academy of Judges; Liang Meifen, Professor of Law school in City University of Hong Kong.Professors in Guanghua Law School such as Zhou Jianghong, Zhao Jun, Wang Guiguo, Wang Chao also attended the forum.
The opening ceremony of the forum was hosted by Professor Wang Guiguo, with speeches given by Lan Shaomin, Shen Deyong, Hu Yunteng,  Xia Daohu and Zhou Jianghong.

In the light of the current international situation and the development of the "One Belt and Road" initiative, Shen Deyong shared four points with participants.Firstly, opening attitudeis important to strengthen international cooperation.Secondly, interconnection is the foundation for strengthening international cooperation.Thirdly, intensive cultivation is the direction of international cooperation.Fourthly, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation are fundamental destinations for international cooperation. Based on these fourpoints, Shen Deyong pointed out that through cooperation with other countries in the fields of trade, investment, finance, science, culture and so on, "The Belt and Road" initiative is always in line with the current trend of the international community which aims atcreating a "community of destiny".What’s more, “The Belt and Road” had also promoted the peace and well-being of all countries and their people. At the end of the speech, Shen Deyongencouraged the young people to construct the society together and wished this forum a complete success.

Professor Zhou Jianghongdelivered a speech on behalf of Zhejiang University and Guanghua Law School. At first, Professor Zhou welcomed the youth representatives. Later, he mainly introduced the "realistic innovation" spirit of Zhejiang University and the construction of "double first-class" in Zhejiang University. Professor Zhou said Zhejiang University and Guanghua Law School had been strongly involved in the construction of "The Belt and Road ", including sponsoring "Belt and Road "International Youth Forum. In addition, Professor Zhou emphasized that young people would be themainpower in promoting the construction of "Belt and Road ".Therefore, Professor Zhou looked forward to discussing with young representatives at this forum to draw closer with each other and consolidate the foundation of"Belt and Road".

After the opening ceremony there was the speeches given by Hu Yunteng, Lv Zhongmei, Jiang Huiling respectively on Belt and Roadjudicial security, environmental protection and judicial reform. The youth representatives actively raised questions ondispute settlement mechanism, Belt and Road construction, legal pluralism and so on, engaging in interaction with the speaker, which showed awarm atmosphere on the scene.

The two-day Forum setmany parts such as expert addresses, panel discussions and plenary discussions, allowing participants to discuss in depth with the themes of environmental protection, sustainable development, law, economy, science, innovation, society, infrastructure and so on. Each partwas respectively presided over by Professor Zhao Jun, Dr. Huang Jianwen, Judge Leng Yue of Suzhou Intermediate people's Court, Professor Liang Meifen, Judge Cai Lu of Suzhou Intermediate people's Court, and Professor Rajesh Sharma of Royal Melbourne Polytechnic University of Australia. The forum held a joint group meeting (six groups) and plenary discussion on the 29th. An agreement was reached that the problems caused by various social, legal, economic and cultural differences under the "Belt and Road" need to be solved by negotiations so that we can avoid conflicts and preserve cooperation.

The closing ceremony was hosted by Professor Zhao Jun. After a brief summary of the forum, Professor Zhao Jun said modern science and technology shortened the distance between people and stimulated the development of law. At the closing ceremony, Xu Qingyu, president of Suzhou Intermediate people's Court, and Professor Wang Guiguo delivered speeches respectively. Xu Qingyu vividly introduced the  history of Suzhou and welcomed the youth representatives to the ancient city, Suzhou,which is also the city of gardens.Professor Wang inspired youngsters to achieve success with their own efforts, citing his personal experiences as arguments.He sent best wishes to young people from all over the world, hoping them treat people with sincerity, make friends broadly and fight for a better tomorrow not only for themselves but also for the whole society. Finally, Professor Wang declared that the third Belt and Road International Youth Forum closed successfully.

The following activities was the meeting of young entrepreneurs.The honorable guests presented at the meeting are as follow:Xi Yvshan, Secondary President of the Hong Kong Federation of overseas Scholars; Zhan Junfeng, General Manager of Suzhou Thomas Robotics Company; Ms. Zhou Xiaoying, General Manager of Suzhou Zhongchuang Aluminum Company; Zheng Wei, Chairman of Suzhou Jierun Chemical Company;Ms. Lv Bei, Deputy President of Jiangxi Commerce association and many youth representatives.

Compared with the previous two forums, the form of this forum had great innovation. In addition to the addition of group and joint group discussion, a meeting of young entrepreneurs had also been set up to motivate young people to participate in the construction of Belt and Road through the cooperation of industryand research, promoting the sustainable development of Belt and Road.

Translated by:Xv Lin