The First Lesson of New Semester Co-Taught by ProfessorZhang Wenxian and Mr. Ja Yv, Director of Public Prosecutio
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On September 13, 2020, Professor Zhang Wenxian of Zhejiang University and Mr. Ja Yu, Director of Public Prosecution and Deputy President of China Criminal Law association, gave the first lesson to the graduate students of Guanghua law school for the new semester.

Professor Zhang Wenxian taught on the theme of “the theoretical system of Chinese legal system in the New era”. Focusing on President Xi Jinping's significant thoughts on the rule of law, he systematically summarized from three aspects which were the basic principle of rule of law, the basic theory of Rule of Law in Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and the important viewpoints of governing the country by law in the new era. He emphasized that the academic research of graduate students should follow the forefront of practice and theory, with a deeply study of the ideological connotation of governing the country by law. In addition, Professor Zhang Wenxian also conducted on the basic problems of Jurisprudence, basing on the famous jurists, Hart's book <The Concept of Law> .

From the aspect of the practice of rule of law, Jia Yu taught a vivid lesson in combination with the practical work of procuratorates . He attached great importance to the cultivation of talents in the rule of law, carefully guiding the students to focus on the practice of the rule of law in China and to seek the breakthrough of theoretical research. He pointed out that to be a qualified in law science in China, we should conscientiously understand China's specific situation and study China's politics, economy and culture in an comprehensive way, with active exploration of the concept of the rule of law in line with China's situation.Consequently, we can be more beneficial to the construction of legal system in China.

Guanghua Law School deeply studies the spirit of President Xi Jinping's important instructions on the cultivation of talents under the rule of law and attaches great significance to the reform of law education, actively creating a kind of moral-education culture in order to train eminent talents who are both moral and excellent. This "first lesson of school term" not only ignited the spark of students' thinking, but also strengthened their beliefs in Rule of Law in Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. At the same time, this course was also an important measure to strengthen the cooperation between colleges and promoted the training of outstanding legal personnel.

Written by:Feng Ting

Translated by:Xv Lin