International Law Seminars No. 6: A Review on the Origin, Evolution and Modernity of Civilization Standards in International Law
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The sixth issue of the International Law Salon in 2020 was held at 1.30 p.m on June 17. Focusing on the concept of "CivilizationStandards" in international law, The Salon’s speaker was Professor Han Yichou in East China University ofPolitical Science and Law. As an expert in the study and education of international economic law and international law, Professor Han had been selected asone of "the 2015high-yield authors of Chinese law " and he also had a study experience in the Department of Treaty and Law in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, hosting and participating in several national projects. The Salon was conducted by Professor Ma Guang, with more than 60 teachers and students participating in the Salon through Dingding live broadcast.

Professor Han elaborated his points from five aspects: the question, the origin and evolution of the concept, the difficulty and reason of the concept’s definition from international law, the myth of"Civilization View "and the universality and equality of modern international law, and the modernity reflection of" Civilization View "in international law.

Professor Han believed that through the theory of civilization conflict, the West attempted to exclude China through the arrangement of "regional trade alliance based on common value ", which led to the definition of" civilization standard ". In his mind,thewestern scholars did not really want to define the standard of civilization.In order to reverse the current situation, only by carrying out more activities that benefit the whole human society and actively providing global public goods can the theory of"Civilizations Conflict"or"Civilizations Hierarchy"be loosened.

At the end of the Salon, the participating teachers and students also raised their own questions which were answered by Professor Han one by one and Professor Han also encouraged us to study international law from the aspect of "CivilizationStandards ".

Written by:Xv Yiyang

Translated by:Xv Lin