Delegation of Guanghua Law School Visited Hangzhou Intermediate People's Court and Alumi
发布者:洪佳颖  发布日期:2020-12-25 点击次数:70

On the morning of December 24, 2020, Hu Ming, Executive Vice Dean of Zhejiang University Guanghua Law School, Zhao Jun, Vice Dean, and Li Yukexin, Counselor, visited Hangzhou Intermediate People's Court and had a discussion exchange with Zhejiang University alumni working in the Intermediate Court.

Hu Ming and his party met with Si Jinjin, Chief Justice of Hangzhou Intermediate People's Court, and the two sides exchanged views on further cooperation in personnel training, scientific study and continuing education.

Subsequently, Hu Ming and his party visited Zhejiang University graduates who worked in Hangzhou Intermediate People's Court and had a discussion exchange. Participants of this discussion exchange were alumni representative Zhu Minming, the Head of Criminal Court II, Wang Li, Research Director (Examination and Management Office), Chen Jian, Vice President of Civil Court II, Qiu Tengjun, Deputy Director of Education and Training Department, Xu Yan and Li Cheng, Judges of Intellectual Property Court, Liang Qi, Judge of Bankruptcy Liquidation Court, Wang Yinjiang, Judge of Administrative Court, Han Shengchao, Judge of Civil Court I, and Ding Wenshu, Cadre of Discipline Inspection Team of Municipal Commission in City Intermediate People's Court

At the beginning of the discussion, Hu Ming expressed his gratitude to Hangzhou Intermediate People's Court for its warm reception, and said that the purpose of the discussion was to see the work of law-school graduates from Zhejiang University, listen to alumni's opinions and suggestions on the school development to promote personnel training of high quality in Guanghua Law School. At the meeting, alumni shared their current work situation and offered many valuable suggestions, including that law school students should pay more attention to the cultivation of practical ability. In the meantime, they also expressed the hope that they can " be further recharged" and improve their theoretical level through the communication platform built by the Intermediate People's Court and their alma mater, and also provided many feasible suggestions for the future development of the school.

After listening to the alumni's sharing, Hu Ming and Zhao Jun said that the school and alumni are a "community", and the achievements the school made can not be separated from the contributions of alumni. Both sides can work together and support each other, establish a long-term interactive mechanism in personnel training and information sharing, and work together to build a world-class law school.