The Opening Ceremony of 2020 Cloud Summer Camp of ZJU Guanghua Law School Successfully Held
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At the beginning of 2020, the sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus broke our peaceful life. By July, the situation in China had greatly improved. Zhejiang University Guanghua Law School welcomes the arrival of law students with an open attitude. At 9 a.m. on July 3, the 2020 Cloud Summer Camp of Guanghua Law School launched a live broadcast online to start the opening ceremony.

The ceremony was hosted by Ms. Li Dongxue, director of the Education and Teaching Center and secretary of the Youth League Committee. Prof. Zhang Jiansheng, Administrative Law Professor and Doctoral Supervisor; Prof. Wu Weihua, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission; Prof. Zheng Chunyan, Deputy Dean and Doctoral Supervisor; Ms. Sun Xiaohong, Deputy Director of Education and Teaching Center; and Mr. Wang Shujian, Deputy Secretary of Youth League Committee attended the opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, Prof. Zheng Chunyan, Vice Dean of Guanghua Law School, delivered a speech titled " Realize Your Life Transcendence In Zhejiang University ", expressing welcome to the campers gathered online. Based on the unique advantages and development status of Zhejiang Province, Prof. Zheng Chunyan introduced a number of talents training measures in Guanghua law school such as Internet + law, courts online, and showed the campers the strengths of the five basic disciplines of Guanghua Law School: Administrative Law, Civil and Commercial Law, Economic Law, Procedural Law and Criminal Law, which could provide a diverse platform. In addition, in Guanghua Law School, there are famous professors who are willing to communicate with students, and opportunities provided for students to talk to top masters. Prof. Zheng gave wishes for every camper to achieve life transcendence in Guanghua law school.

Student Zhang Shenghan from Peking University made a speech on behalf of the campers. He first expressed his gratitude to Guanghua Law School for holding the camp and providing a platform for communication. Today, with the deepening integration of disciplines, being able to integrate what one has learned with law is the rhythm of the times, and it is also the resonance with the times. The new generation have the courage to go all out , and will surely think clearly and innovatively, accomplish the morality of self-cultivation, and live up to our youth. Finally, he expressed his longing for this summer camp and his vision of becoming the backbone of the legal system in the future.

The opening ceremony ended successfully here. Subsequently, Prof. Zhang Jiansheng, professor and doctoral supervisor of administrative law, was invited to give an academic lecture naming "What is Law? -Chat with JM students who are about to enter the door of law. "to the campers. All the campers participated actively and felt the academic charm of Prof. Zhang online. Professor Zhang takes four issues-law as the process of law, law as the tool of regulation, law as methodology and law as the curriculum system of law as the breakthrough point. With vivid words and abundant examples, the campers deepen their understanding of civil law, administrative law, criminal law.

The epidemic separated the campers in far distance, while it can never stop the campers from pursuing the spirit of the law.