The Opening Ceremony of 19thLegal Culture Month and Lecture on Cultivation of Foreign Related Lawyers addressed by Ambassador Huang Huikang
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On the afternoon of May 29th, 2020. The 19th “Month of Legal Culture” opening ceremony and lecture on “Cultivation of Foreign-Related Lawyers” was held by Ambassador Huang Huikang online.

The guest speakers of this activity is Huikang Huang, Visiting Professor of Zhejiang University, Member of the International Committee of the United Nations and Former Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Malaysia.

Member of Party of Xihu District Court and Vice Dean Hua Lijun, President of Hangzhou Qiushi Education Corporation Jiang Ping, Senior Partner of Zhejiang Zeda Law Firm Hu Yanlin, Director of International Investment and Trade Department of Zhejiang Tiance Law Firm Yu Wenyan, Director of Zhejiang Kaifu Law Firm Zhang Hao, and other off-campus guests all attend.

School Party Committee, Standing Committee Member and Director of the Publicity Department Ying Biao, Deputy Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, Director of the Disciplinary Committee Office, Director of the Supervision Department Ma Chunbo, Minister of Student Affairs department Guo Wengang, Minister of Research Affairs department Zhang Rongxiang, Director of the Employment Guidance and Service Center Dong Shihong, and Secretary of the School Youth League Committee Bo Zheng,

Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office Li Min, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Zijingang Campus, Zhang Min, Vice Minister of the Propaganda Department, Chai Hong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Affairs Committee of Zhijiang Campus Luo Changxian, Deputy Director of Danqing Academy of Qiushi College Xu Xiaofeng, and other guests also present in this activity. Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice Dean of the College, Zhang Yonghua, Executive Vice Dean and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Zhou Jianghong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee Wu Weihua, and Vice Dean Zheng Chunyan also attend. Teachers from international positions in our school and departments, as well as teachers and students from the school’s international organization internship and employment platform also attended this opening ceremony. Zhao Jun, Vice Dean of Guanghua Law School presides over the opening ceremony.

Member of Party Committee/Minister of Publicity Department Biao Ying address the opening announcement. As he states, Guanghua Law School has made active research on cultivation of high-quality lawyers, exploration of experience on running the country in conformity with the law and late theoretical research on the legal system, ranks as top 100 strong law school on World Legal Subject of QS ranking list, renders qualitative legal service and makes solid legal protection for economic development and plague prevention during this pandemic, which raised highly praises socially. Faculties, students, and lawyers in various fields of the society shall all engage “Month of legal culture” actively, making a further step on legal interdisciplinary and greater contribution to the rule of law in China.

Member of the committee of this activity and President of Student Union, Jiaxuan Wang introduces the arrangement of this activity, including “law universal education”, “Warming Campus”, “Academic Development” and “Carrying Forward the Culture”, all nicely structured, carefully organized. The activity aims at providing opportunities to learn legal knowledge, engage in legal practice and understand the legal culture for faculties and students.

Visiting Prof. Ambassador Huikang Huang gives a lecture on the “cultivation of foreign-related legal personnel”. He explains the strategical importance of foreign-related lawyers on legal support for “A community with a shared future for mankind”, analyzes the challenge and opportunity for foreign-related legal affairs in our country and the scarcity of related talents in China. As Ambassador Huikang Huang points out, we should focus on the balance of supply and demand, strengthen top design at the national level, make efforts in the basic education training of foreign-related lawyers, establish a comprehensive training system to cultivate lawyers for international organizations, and try to cultivate highly qualified international lawyers than can fit the major positions in international judicial institutions and international organizations.

Ambassador Huang Huikang said that these recommendations have been highly valued by the central and national ministries and commissions. The young lawyers shall shoulder the historical responsibility to achieve this goal and make contributions to China.

Ambassador Huikang Huang points out, the activity should focus on patriotism and cultivating great political culture, learning culture, professional culture, and innovative culture. Try to provide more opportunities for lawyers.

 “The rule of law leads to the prosperity of the country”. After 19 years, “Month of Legal Culture” will make a greater contribution to the cultivation of legal culture, and display the responsibility of the young to fully establish a Law-Based Country.

Nearly 600 faculties and students participate in this activity. This lecture is also part of the training for 2020 Pioneer Students of Guanghua Law School.