Retirement Ceremony for Professor Wang Weinong Successfully Held
发布者:洪佳颖  发布日期:2021-01-16 点击次数:169

On January 15th, the retirement ceremony for Professor Wang Weinong was held in Conference Room 203 of Severance Hall. The ceremony was presided over by Prof. Fan Liangcong, Director of the Institute of Economic Law.Mr. Zhang Yonghua, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School; Ms. Wu Weihua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee; Prof. Zheng Chunyan, Vice Dean and all teachers and student representatives from the Institute of Economic Law attended the retirement ceremony.

At the retirement ceremony, all participants expressed their blessings to Prof. Wang Weinong and talked about the good memories of working or studying with Prof. Wang Weinong. In the impression of colleagues, Prof. Wang Weinong is a very humble, kind, and scholarly person; he has always been at the forefront of competition law, especially anti-monopoly law, and has deep academic skills, but is still very low-key; He takes his work seriously and responsibly. He once served as the secretary of the Economic Law Branch and is a role model for younger generations.

Afterwards, the students of Prof. Wang Weinong reviewed the bits and pieces of getting along with Prof. Wang: “The scenes of Teacher Wang in class are still vivid. The longer you spend with Prof. Wang, the more you feel that Prof. Wang’s academic background is profound, just like the longer the wine, the more fragrant.” “He is the spiritual mentor who led me to the academic path.” “Prof. Wang is an elderly person who cares about students very much. He has given me a lot of advice in life. Benefit for life. I hope that Prof. Wang's retirement will be safe and happy!”

After listening to the speeches of teachers and students, Professor Wang Weinong was very moved. He said that he was reluctant to leave law school, but there were always different stages in life. Prof. Wang also recalled the opportunity he chose to study economic law and the days when he studied in Japan, and shared the experience and thoughts gained from years of teaching. At this moment, he still misses the development of students and the college.

At the end of the ceremony, Mr.  Zhang Yonghua presented a commemorative gift on behalf of the college, and sincerely thanked Mr. Wang Weinong for his contribution to the law school and his dedicated years. Student representatives presented flowers to Prof. Wang. All teachers from the Institute of Economic Law expressed great congratulations on Prof. Wang Weinong's retirement.

“Benefit and Contribute Silently” is the most true portrayal of Prof. Wang Weinong's teaching career, condensing the effort that Prof. Wang has spent decades in teaching and educating people. Teacher Wang's teaching to the students and the guidance to the young teachers are like a spring breeze and drizzle, meticulous, but moisturizing things silently.

“Even the evening is coming, the sky is still full of sunshine.” Prof. Wang has walked diligently and calmly. He has worked hard for decades. Teaching means preaching and accepting profession; educating people means diligence. This is a true portrayal of Prof. Wang's persistence in his job, and it also inspires the younger students to invest in the noble education industry with a deeper feeling. The stars are not far away, and there are always masters who grow up in silence. It is not too late for mulberry and elm, and there is still long love for spring mud and flower protection. In the garden of peaches and plums, the sage grows wind again.