Digital Rule of Law Excellent Talent Program of Zhejiang University is Recruiting Students for the First Time!
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Recently, Zhejiang University has announced that it would initiate the “Digital Rule of Law Excellent Talent Program, exploring the new training path of practical legal talents in the digital era.

Dedicated to Cultivating Practical Legal Talents in Digital Era

As the experiment on the cultivation of interdisciplinary talent, the first class of the Digital Rule of Law Excellent Talent Program will recruit 20 elite undergraduates from excellent candidates. It dedicates to train our students as the developer of the digital legal system and the participants, promoters, and pioneers of the revolution of digital governance, with the mind of digital rule of law, the knowledge of digital rule of law, and the ability to practice digital rule of law.

Digital Rule of Law is an Interdisciplinary subject of law and information science. It challenges traditional legal education and embraces the trends of new liberal art, new science, and new engineering education in the reform of education. Digital Rule of Law Excellent Talent Program will become the milepost in the excellent legal talent cultivation in Chinese Judicial Reform.” Prof. XIONG Minghui, Leading Talent of Humanities and Social Sciences of Zhejiang University said.

These students will be trained as practical legal talents in digital era. The core curriculum of this program will be a transition to post-graduate. It offers students diversified legal training from artificial intelligence modules, practical modules, and international modules. Students will not only master solid legal theory but also be capable of analyzing digital technology from legal perspective and viewing legal practice from technical perspective.

As for the growth of students, the executive teacher of this program mentioned, “Students will not only master bilingual skills, extensive theoretical and practical legal knowledge, and solid knowledge of artificial intelligence, information science, and data processing. They will be able to make analyses and decisions on the frontiers of legal science such as intelligent justice and digital rule of law with this knowledge as well.”

Distinguished Faculties and Qualified Internship Opportunities

As the major power to initiate this program, Zhejiang University Guanghua Law Schoolpossesses a comprehensive platform and distinguished teaching faculty, including more than 30 mentors who are experts in artificial intelligence and law, led by senior social science professors. It is also assigned as the National Excellent Legal Talent Training Base and Practical Compound Legal Talent Training Base.

In the Digital Rule of Law Excellent Talent Program, prestigious legal scholars will be assigned as the honorary headteacher. Students will be equipped with both academic mentors and practical mentors during their undergraduate. Universities will also provide opportunities for excellent students to apply for post-graduate free from the entrance examination, and arrange relative transition subjects in their curriculum.

In the practical trainingmodule, Zhejiang University Guanghua Law School will provide students with on-campus internships through Research Center of Xi Jinping Thought on the Rule of Law of Zhejiang University, Research Institute on Digital Rule of Law of Zhejiang University, Research Institute on Fengqiao Experience in New Era of Zhejiang University, Research Institute on Legislation of Zhejiang Province and Zhejiang University, and Zhejiang University Academy for International Strategy and Law. Students will also have opportunities to do their internships in the law enforcement department, internet tech giants, elite law firms, and even international organizations, such as the Supreme People’s Court, Alibaba Group, and HebertSmith LLP, and etc.

Bright Career Path

With the development of digital social construction, the government, universities, scientific research institutions, companies, and law firms are all showing a great demand for professionals skilled in digital governance. The support for this program from relative departments also shows bright futures for graduates.

Zhejiang University will exert its strength on resources and platform as a comprehensive major university to develop the training system for Excellent Legal Talents and make contributions to the need of China's major strategies.