Shen Yuanyuan
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Title & Position

Part-time Jobs 
1) 2006-2012 special adviser of Chinese Affairs in the International Special Olympics
2) 1991-now Researcher of Fei,Zhengqing’s East Asian Study Center of Harvard University
3) Member of international academic associations like “Law and Society”

Research Areas 
International trade and investment,
Law and development
China's legal reform,
International commercial disputes resolution
The protection of intellectual property rights,
Environmental dispute resolution in China,
China's food safety legal system,
Women's rights protection
Consumer protection laws, etc

(1)English publications
Paper:The Protection of Foreign Books and Audio-visual Products in China, Loyola University’s International Comparative Law in 1990
Paper:The Formation and Inheriting of the Rule by Law:the Complexity of Legal Reform in Modern China, the Limitations of Chinese Law construction(under Karen Turner’s editorship), published by University of Washington Press in 2000
Paper:Co-author of the Limitations of Using Law to Solve
China's Environmental Woes, Stanford University Journal of Environmental Law in 1997
Paper:Co-author of Marriage and Divorce in China and the Definition of Freedom behind the Questions like “Have You Eaten” and “Have You Gotten a Divorce”, Freedom in Chinese Society(under William C. Kirby’s editorship), published by Stanford University Press in 2003
Paper:The Development and Challenges of China's Food Safety Law, Improving the Security of Imported Food(under Wayne Ellefson’s editorship), published by John Wiley and Son Press in 2013

(2)Chinese publications
1) Monograph: Author of Invention and Discovery Power published by Law Press in 1986
2) Paper:Evaluation Criterion of Provisos in the Agreement of International Transfer of Technology License, Chinese Yearbook of International Law in 1988

3) Monograph: Co-author of International Technology Transfer(textbooks for institutions of higher learning ) published by Law Press in 1989


1979-1983 Bachelor of Law, Law School of Renmin University of China
1984-1986 Master of International Economic Law, Law School of Renmin University of China(China's first international economic law master degree graduates)
From 1988 got LLM from Law School of Havard University in 1989; got SJD from Law School of University of Wisconsin in 1998
1986-1988 Teaching Assistant, Lecturer and Deputy director of international law, Law School of Renmin University of China
From 1993 had worked for Law School of Renmin University of China, Law School of Peking University, Law School of Tsinghua University,Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Guanghua Law School of Zhejiang University, the department of economics at Brandeis University in the United States, Law School of Havard University and Law School of Boston University
Teaching Courses include International Economic and Trade Law, Commercial Law in China, Chinese Law and Development, and Legal Sociology,etc.
1989-2005 had worked for United Nations Development Program, Asian Development Bank, Ford Foundation,Dutch Government, American law firms and investment banks, and provided legal consultancy services in China's legal reform and legal affairs.
2002-2006 Researcher of Harvard China Project of Harvard University's Center for Environment and School of Engineering and Applied Science