Online Meeting Held among International Students of Guanghua Law School
发布者:洪佳颖  发布日期:2020-03-25 点击次数:31

         On the noon of March 23rd, 2020, an online meeting was held at Guanghua Law School of Zhejiang University, where Vice-dean, Prof. Zhao Jun met with international students online.

  On behalf the Law school, Prof. Zhao expressed hearty greetings and concern to the international students. He introduced the Law School’s experience for epidemic prevention and control, and reminded the students to keep their minds on study at home. Prof. Zhao also offered them supports and help when needed.  After that, students shared their recent experience and expressed their support to the Law School’s work.

   Recently the COVID-19 is spreading around the world.  The Law School pays great attention to students’ health and safety.  The Law School always keeps in touch with students and provides them with updates as well as supports to ensure their smooth online study.

    The COVID-19 warns that all mankind is a community of shared future. It is our belief that our efforts and solidarity will help us through. Let’s make our contribution to the battle against the virus.