A Meet-and-Greet of Postgraduate Freshmen in International Law Successfully Held
发布者:洪佳颖  发布日期:2020-09-17 点击次数:51

On September 15, 2020, the Institute of International Law of Guanghua Law School, Zhejiang University held a meet-and-greet for freshmen majoring in international law at Grade 2020 in Room 201 of Building 3. Prof. Jin Pengnian, Prof. Zhao Jun, Prof. Bi Ying, Prof. Wang Chao, Prof. Ying Jian, Prof. Qiu Wenxian and Ms.Weng Yi from the Institute of International Law of Guanghua Law School of Zhejiang University, attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Prof. Ma Guang, director of the Institute of International Law of Guanghua Law School.


Prof. Ma Guang firstly introduced the professors and their research directions to the freshmen, and the students also introduced themselves. Afterwards, the professors made speeches separately. Prof. Zhao Jun introduced the development of the department of international law of Guanghua Law School, talked about his views on two issues of Zhu Kezhenonce President of ZJU, and encouraged all the students to read more, study more, consult more, and exercise more in the following days at Zhejiang University, make good use of the good resources provided by ZJU. Prof. Jin Pengnian reviewed the construction of the department of international law at ZJU and encouraged everyone to attach importance to the study of international law, help and make progress together, and build a big family of international law. Professor Ying Jian, Bi Ying, Wang Chao, Qiu Wenxian also made speeches on issues such as master's training, doctoral training, visiting exchanges, and study of the law of the sea.

Prof. Ma Guang sent wishes to all freshmen to study hard, live happily, take care of the big family of international law, and take the responsibility of making the Institute of International Law in Zhijiang campus better. Finally, the professors and students made communication on specific issues and took a group photo.