Lecture on Writing and Publishing Papers of English Law Journals Organized
发布者:洪佳颖  发布日期:2020-12-17 点击次数:131

On the evening of December 16, 2020, the school invited the dual-employed professors and doctoral supervisor Cheng Le from School of International Studies of Zhejiang University to give a specific lecture on "Writing and Publishing of Papers on English Law Journals" for teachers and students of our college. This lecture was presided over by Qiu Shihui, a postdoctoral in our school and more than 50 teachers and students of our college, including Executive Vice Dean Hu Ming and Vice Dean Zhao Jun, attended the lecture.

First of all, Professor Cheng Le explained the significance of publishing papers internationally for discipline evaluation, introduced the academic and language ecology in the field of international academic exchange, and emphasized that researchers should pay attention to the "exchange value" of their own scientific research achievements in the international scientific research market in the academic ecology under the global language. Secondly, from the perspective of editor-in-chief and reviewer, Professor Cheng Le introduced the basic standards for reviewing and accepting in international journals so that everyone had a clearer and more intuitive understanding of the contribution requirements of international journals. Subsequently, Professor Cheng Le analyzed a specific paper chapter by chapter and dissected the framework and structure of English papers in detail. He pointed out the key factors of an excellent paper in eight different aspects, and guided us to think about the possible fields of originality. Professor Cheng Le pointed out that the writing of English legal papers is not a simple process of Chinese-English or English-Chinese translation. Contributors must work hard on the structure and mode of the articles and pay attention to the use of interdisciplinary research methods and perspectives. During the lecture, Professor Cheng Le told something about the possible problems that Chinese scholars might encounter when publishing international journals, and summed up the experience and lessons humorously. At the end of the lecture, Professor Cheng Le patiently introduced the main English journals of various department law and emphasized the importance of the title of a paper, which should not only be innovative and novel, but summarize the core concepts of the article in short words.

In the subsequent question session, students and teachers consulted Professor Cheng on how to polish the language and how to communicate in the submission.

In his concluding remarks, Professor Hu Ming, Executive Vice Dean of Guanghua law School, reiterated the problems in the research process of English legal papers, the core of which is to master the formula of English papers and break the structural mode of Chinese writing, so that the papers can be accepted and understood externally from language to logic, and encourage everyone to build academic self-confidence.